Famous People Getting Caught Doing Free Adult Chat

As a normal human being, you would assume that things like having a free sex chat app and sexting with other people is something that famous people just don’t do, right? However, this is entirely not the case as there have been so many different celebs that have been exposed trying to sext with other people. Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you were caught sexting. Basically the world would end for a little bit, but of course, life does go on.

Whether it was through texts, a sex app or free adult chat boards online, a celeb being caught sexting is pretty embarrassing if you’re someone who is famous. They’re rich and have an image to keep up. At the same time, it’s kind of unfair to put them in the lime light like that. Regardless, we can all get a kick out of famous people getting caught sexting. Just for you, let’s go over a list of celebrities and famous people who have been exposed sexting.

Famous People Who Have Been Caught Sexting:

  • Anthony Weiner - Caught when he was trying to run for public office. He was sending naughty texts and nudes to young women.
  • Justin Bieber - He miserably got exposed sending Selena Gomez a nude picture when he was breaking up with her.
  • Ashton Kutcher - Sexted behind Emi Moore’s back, who was his wife at the time.
  • David Boreanaz - Actually sexted with a mistress of Tiger Woods’.
  • Tiger Woods - To be fair, it would be weird if he didn’t get caught sexting! However, his texts did get pretty aggressive, saying he would choke his mistress.
  • Eva Longoria - Eva wasn’t the one who was doing the sexting, she found that her husband was sexting another woman who happened to be married.
  • James Franco - He was caught sending some pretty raunchy messages to an underage girl on instagram.
  • Ryan Phillippe - Reese Witherspoon caught his naughty texts with his mistress, Abbie Cornish.
  • Tea Leoni - Tea got caught sexting with Billy Bob Thorton while she was married to David Duchovny.
  • Jesse James - Whoever he was sexting (ahem, Michelle McGee) was showing everyone his replies. She actually used it as proof that they were talking.
  • Kanye West - He took some private pictures and sent them to some women that actually sold him out to the media.
  • Scarlett Johansson - Her email was hacked into and hackers found the naked pictures she sent to Ryan Reynolds.
  • Paris Hilton - When her phone was hacked, many of her nude pictures got leaked onto the internet.
  • Blake Lively - While the pictures that leaked were claimed to not be her, some nude pictures seemed pretty familiar.
  • Ashanti - She didn’t actually sext anyone, but her mom was harassed by one of her fans. The guy, Devar Hurd, sent explicit pictures to the mother.
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown - It’s not a surprise that Rihanna and Chris Brown have had some sexy exchanges during their relationship.
  • Brett Farve - While he didn’t exactly sext, he left voice mails for the reporter Jenn Sterger. It was reported that he tried to get her to come to his hotel room with nudes and sext.
  • Greg Oden - He got caught sexting a woman that leaked his naked pictures all over the internet.
  • Vanessa Hudgens - The sexy pictures that she had been sending to Zac Effron got leaked onto the internet by hackers.
  • Evelyn Lozada - The ex-fiance of Antoine Walker, her nudes got leaked online when her email was hacked.
  • Jennifer Williams - Also from Basketball Wives like Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer’s nudes were leaked online.
  • Casper Smart - After the break up with Jennifer Lopez, Casper was caught sexting with two trans models, Sofie Vissa and Xristina Marie.
  • Emily Maynard - While she was on vacation with he fiance, he found that she sent some hot pictures to Matt Leinart, a football player. They broke up because of it.
  • Shaquille O’Neal - He was actually framed by his wife and another basketball wife. He ended up being sued and the woman claimed to have been harassed by him.
  • Mel Gibson - He ended up having to pay a $400 million alimony due to his divorce. Not only that, but his mistress caught him sexting with another mistress while she was pregnant!

  • That is definitely more than enough celebrity gossip when it comes to famous people getting caught sexting. The list may seem a big long, but trust us, there is definitely more sexting going on in the celebrity realm for sure, It just hasn’t been exposed yet. With things like adult chat rooms, sextexting app availability, sexting websites and more what are we supposed to expect?

    Though many of the situations these celebs were caught in are not exactly yours, you should never feel bad about wanting to sext because it’s only natural to want to fulfill your sexual desires. Before things like the internet and the smart phone, sexting wasn’t possible. Now that almost everyone seems to have a smart phone, sexting is happening more than ever! People who use a sextexting app increase the amount of casual sex they have. No wonder things like sex apps and sexting websites are rising in popularity.

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    If you happen to get caught sexting or you have been caught sexting before, it’s not the biggest deal in the world. It does suck though, so you’ll want to make sure those naughty messages don’t get leaked by taking preventative measures for make sure to use Free Sexting App.

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