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The Evolution of Sexting - by Free Sexting App

While sexting has been going on for quite some time now, you have to wonder…What did people do before sexting and the invention of sex apps, sexting websites and free adult chat rooms? Especially with the invention and take over of the internet, sexting has gone through an entire evolution of it’s own kind. Luckily for you, we’re going to go over a complete (for the most part) evolution of sexting so we can get a better idea on how much things have changed.

Cave Paintings

While cave paintings might sound kind of like a joke, people used to make paintings on cave walls about having sex. It was a way to express sexual desires as well as get some sexual satisfaction.


Of course once people started painting on a canvas, they started painting sexual pictures. These sexual pictures can be painted and then given to whoever you fancy. Do you think they got the picture?

Flirtation Cards

Essentially being a vintage emoji of some sorts, flirtation cards were used to express interest in someone. A flirtation card would typically ask for permission to walk a lady home. We can all guess what that REALLY means, right?

Notes and Letters

Writing notes, letters and even some quick doodles are a great way to get a message across. Write down dirty thoughts or even doodle up a naughty scene. It’s pretty obvious that someone would want to get down with you if they’re sharing explicit drawings and writing about intimate sex scenes.

Early Internet

When the internet first came, you can probably guess there wasn’t too much sexting going on at first. The earliest forms of sexting on the internet were through email, AOL instant messenger, Yahoo messenger and any other similar platforms where people could sex chat. While it is definitely not as glamorous as what we are capable of today, the early internet was definitely several steps up from simple notes and letters. With the capability to talk to anyone in the world, now it was possible to start sexting with someone you didn’t even know in real life.


To elaborate on the history of sexting through smart phones, there have been many different apps people like to use to sext with others. Some of the most popular apps include Kik, Snapchap, WhatsApp, Tinder among many others. It wasn’t long until sex apps and free sexting apps started flooding the market. People being human, these different platforms have gained quite a bit of popularity. Even apps that aren’t so focused on sexting at all have been populated with people looking for sext partners. It wasn’t just that either. Believe it or not, emojis and their huge popularity have also changed the sexting game up a lot.

As well all know, sexting is an extremely popular way of communicating with other people. Whether it be your significant other, the person you’re currently into or just some random hot guy or girl from the internet, sexting makes people feel confident about themselves and their self image. Adult chat can also lead to having better sex! This is why we bring you the Free Sexting App to help make things easier on you. With our free sextexting app (aka the best sex app ever) you get to have free adult chat sessions with anyone else on the app. Everyone that’s on Free Sexting App is there to have an adult chat just like you, so you never have to worry about being turned down.

Sexting has come a far way and it’s honestly time to put in the effort to separate these sexts from other things. Why sext on platforms like Snapchat when you can have one, specific place you go to get your sexting desires taken care of? This is the great thing about Free Sexting App everyone is there to sext with each other. No fishing around for a decent looking girl, the Free Sexting App is full of super hot girls ready to have dirty chats. Not only that, but you can surely be thankful that we are in this day and age. It would have definitely been much harder to paint a sexy picture and give it to a girl than to go on Free Sexting App!

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